Don't make these mistakes with your jewelry!

Don't make these mistakes

Never taking off your jewelry.
     When you find a piece of jewelry you love, you're tempted to always wear the piece. If you never take your jewelry off it’s likely you wear it when showering, doing the housework, cooking, sleeping, and all those other countless daily tasks. Without realizing you could be exposing the precious metal to harsh chemicals that may cause corrosion, tarnishing, and discoloration over time. Even subjecting your jewelry to a daily shower can take its toll. Remember to remove your jewelry during activities to protect it from accidental damage.

Not storing your jewelry properly
     It’s tempting to take your jewelry off at the end of the day and keep it at the side of the bed ready for the next morning. But jewelry can become easily tangled and exposure to sunlight can slowly cause discoloration. Jewelry should be stored in zip lock bags, with an anti-tarnish strip and most of the air removed. When storing your jewelry, make sure the chain is fastened to prevent tangling and never leave your jewelry in direct sunlight or stored in a damp environment.

Cleaning your jewelry incorrectly
     Searching the internet for DIY jewelry cleaning is a mistake! Simple is always better; we recommend using lukewarm water, a mild soap, and a gentle cleaning cloth.  The cleaning methods depend on type of jewelry, metal, stone, etc... When in doubt, ask your jeweler.  We provide cleaning instructions with every order.

Putting your jewelry on first
     When getting ready for the day, it's tempting to put your jewelry on first; don't make this mistake!  Jewelry can get caught on clothing, discolor from fragrances and make cleaning difficult by getting makeup on the piece.  Dress, apply lotions and fragrances and apply makeup BEFORE putting on jewelry.

NOT wearing your jewelry enough
     If you’re worried about damaging your jewelers by wearing it too much or not cleaning it properly, it’s understandable you might only want to wear your jewelry for special occasions. It might come as a surprise that not wearing your jewelry enough can do just as much damage. If stored properly your jewelry should be safe but certain metals, like sterling silver, naturally tarnish over time and wearing it regularly will help prevent the natural tarnishing process. When you wear your jewelry the rubbing motion against your skin and clothing gently polishes the metal helping to maintain its lustrous shine.

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